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The Blockchain and E-commerce Creative with David Iscove of Cella


Daniel has been pretty vocal in his skepticism of NFTs, Crypto and by extension, the blockchain, but the guest today, David Iscove, director of technology consulting at Cella has cautioned him against throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

As David describes this technology and what value it has beyond the applications that most casual observers are familiar with, it becomes pretty clear that there may be some interesting applications in the e-commerce content creation space. 

Key Takeaways

  • While it's most commonly associated with crypto currency and NFT's, blockchain technology is essentially a decentralized log that no one entity controls, and by it's nature it can be used to validate all sorts of transactions, including image creation and manipulation. 
  • Some of the less publicized use cases of blockchain tech that occur today include archiving important events with imagery and verify the validity of those events with blockchain ledger entries. 
  • Adobe is looking at blockchain tech to aid in archiving and authenticating image creation of all types, but its mostly manifesting itself in photojournalism today. 
  • Starling Labs is also looking at ways to use blockchain to archive human stories in a way that consumers of this media can be assured that it is authentic. 
  • How will this effective e-commerce? Blockchain could become an integral part of how we secure our assets. DAM systems may find a way to use or at least verify blockchain entries and this possibly becomes the new metadata so to speak. 
  • Third party selling platforms could use blockchain entries to ensure that sellers are actually entitled to use the assets they are attempting an upload. 

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