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Guest Article Guidelines

So you want to write for Well, below you'll find everything you need to do just that! 

We’re here to help everyone in the creative ops industry to flourish with technical tutorials, how-tos, advice, and more. If you’re ready to be a part of that journey, please read our guidelines below before sending your pitch. We do not consider submissions that have not followed our guidelines.  

Who visits 

Those in the creative ops field, including marketers, managers, strategists, producers, creatives, designers, copywriters, and many other creative professionals.

How do I get started? 

Below, you’ll find everything you need to write, submit, and get your article published on Simply follow the directions (and write a great article). 

What do I get out of publishing on 

Creating great content is a two-way street:

  • We will include one do-follow link in your article, subject to prior approval.
  • We will publish the article and upload images.
  • We will optimize your post for search engines.
  • We will include a brief author bio at the end of the article.
  • We often promote articles across other channels.

What kind of guest articles is looking for? 

  • Topics must be written for professionals across creative operations, of course, and other helpful topics for thought leaders and creative professionals in the eCommerce industry. The topic and tone of the article should help the reader expand their technical skills, inspire them, or open their eyes to new ways of thinking.
    • A short list of topics includes creative operations, creative production, creative ops jobs, creative ops event reviews, branding, marketing, freelancing, remote work, social media, content marketing, logo design, UX/UI, productivity, creativity, and more.
  • We’re open to tutorials, opinion articles, tips, resources, ultimate guides, case studies, and any ideas you might have. It’s crucial that the piece is well-researched and provides lasting value to our readers. A great article features actionable advice, instructions, checklists, examples, statistics, and links to reputable sources. 
  • Pitch us your idea and we’ll go from there. Check out our latest posts to see some examples.

What’s the process look like? 

1. Email a list of your article ideas, including a short outline. 
2. Send URLs of 1-3 other articles you’ve written. (The more the better, but no more than 3, please.)
3. We will review it and if it feels right, select the most suitable idea based on your suggestions.
4. Submit your article: remember to abide by the Guest Article Guidelines and use our template when composing your piece.
5. We will get back to you with revision requests.
6. Resubmit the final draft with revisions.
7. We will let you know when your article is scheduled to be published. Once it goes live, you will be contacted. We would love you to share your article on social media too.

What should I not send? 

  • Previously published content.
  • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights for creative operations, branding, design, or marketing professionals.
  • Promotional posts, please do not send articles that are actually advertisements for a service, brand, product, or self-servingly promotional. Articles should offer a well-rounded, unbiased, and balanced thought process. 

What MUST be done to get published? 

For us to approve your article, we ask that you check off the following template and include it in your submission. We will not consider submissions that do not follow our guidelines. 

Guest Article Template

In order for your article to be considered we ask that you complete the following checklist before submitting it. Please copy and paste everything below into your document.

  • Deliver the article via Google Docs or a Word Document using this template in the original chain you submitted your topic.
  • Perform a thorough spelling and grammar check.  typos or poor grammar may lead to your article being rejected.
  • Must be at least 1000 words. Posts over 2,000 words have a better chance of getting published.
  • Must be original content and not published anywhere else (now or in the future).
  • The text must be plagiarism-free and pass QueText testing.
  • Include a proposed meta title and meta description
  • Optimize the article around 1-3 target keywords, which should also be noted in the document. Please make sure that there is an actual search demand for your target keyword before submitting.
  • Include at least 2 links to other blog posts or landing pages.
  • Articles should include, wherever possible, bullet points, number lists, and subheadings to help the reader and search engines more easily digest your content when possible.
  • Visual content (e.g. images, infographics, gifs, videos) is critical for a reader to understand your article. 
    • If sending a video, please include an embed link to your owned video. 
    • Provide at least 1 visual at a minimum of 1024px wide (2-4 recommended).
    • Images must be sent separately in a zip file and not just embedded in the document. 
    • Provide alt tags for the images. 
    • Make sure to obtain copyright permissions for use and cite the source.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee your post will be published. 
  • If your post is chosen for publication, you will be notified. Typical posting times range from 2-4 weeks.
  • owns the rights to any and all content published on our platforms. We reserve the right to update, edit, remove, repurpose, and republish all content at any time. 


Article Title: 
Written By: 
Proposed Meta Title: 
Proposed Meta Description: 
1-3 Target Keywords:

Alt tags for images: 

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Article Body: 

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