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In this conversation, Daniel and Caydie discuss the importance of finding a niche in photography and the benefits it can bring. They explore the challenges and rewards of focusing on a specific genre, such as active lifestyle photography. Caydie shares her experience of niching down and how it has helped her curate her portfolio and attract clients. Caydie and Daniel discuss various topics related to the photography industry, including managing time and production on set, building a creative community, the importance of investing in creative teams, and exploring the future of e-commerce photography.


00:00 Introduction and LinkedIn
03:06 Niche Down in Photography
08:30 Defining the Niche
10:10 Choosing the Niche
14:45 Finding Clients in the Niche
17:43 Underrepresentation of Men in Portfolios
19:23 The Value of E-commerce Photography
25:23 Photography as a Job vs. Creative Fulfillment
28:08 The Anxiety of Shooting
29:37 The Emotional High of a Successful Shoot
30:27 Balancing Efficiency and Fun in Studio Shoots
30:52 Managing Time and Production on Set
35:00 Building a Creative Community
43:00 The Importance of Investing in Creative Teams
48:00 Exploring the Future of E-commerce Photography

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