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About the host

Chief evangelist at Creative Force

Daniel Jester is an experienced creative production professional who has managed production teams, built and launched new studios, and produced large-scale projects. He's currently the Chief Evangelist at Creative Force but has a breadth of experience in a variety of studio environments - working in-house at brands like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Farfetch as well as commercial studios like CONVYR. Creative-minded, while able to effectively plan for and manage a complex project, he bridges the gap between spreadsheets and creative talent.

Director at Studio Workflow
Kevin Mason is currently the Director at Studio Workflow, providing consultancy to Digital Content Studios. Providing expertise in workflow, process flow, digital asset management, and elevating content. He's managed studios as well as been the lead photographer at Amazon, heading up the brand-new photography studio and photography team based in Hoxton to oversee all fashion and product photography.

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