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Flash Back: Process vs. Product with Scott Willson of Patagonia


We’ve been thinking a lot about planning ever since the recent Creative Force webinar on editorial production. Specifically how planning differs from editorial to product photography. On the editorial side, you know when you start a project you’ll need photo, video, h/mu, styling etc. for a set number of days. Running an ecomm studio adds an element to that, the idea of carryover. How much product will I have left over at the end of the day, and what does that mean for staffing tomorrow, or next week? All of this thinking about planning reminded us of this conversation with Scott Willson of Patagonia, specifically when he talks about how a well functioning, efficient studio often looks like things are running smoothly and easily. Due in no small part to planning. Let’s flash back to Episode 24, process vs. product with Scott Willson of Patagonia.

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