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Breaking the 5th Wall with Christopher Hannan of ZoomLook


In this episode, Daniel interviews Christopher Hannan, the founder and CTO of Zoom Look, a company that offers a digital superpower of vision. Zoom Look allows users to experience unlimited resolution content on the internet, including photos, animations, and videos. Christopher explains that the internet is still a low-resolution medium, and Zoom Look aims to change that by providing high-resolution, immersive experiences. They discuss the applications of Zoom Look in the fashion industry, where it can enhance the online shopping experience by allowing customers to zoom in and explore products in detail. Christopher also shares his background in 3D technology and his journey in developing Zoom Look. Zoom Look is a technology that allows for high-resolution zooming and exploration of images and videos. It can display 8K video on a phone with just two bars of signal. The technology has applications in various industries, including fashion, e-commerce, and art. It provides a more immersive and detailed viewing experience, allowing users to see textures, colors, and details that are not visible in traditional images. Zoom Look also offers a content management system and crowdfunding platform for innovative projects using the technology. The goal is to revolutionize the way we experience and share visual content.

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