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AMA with Professor Jester

Chief evangelist at Creative Force


In this episode of the E-commerce Content Creation Podcast, host Daniel Jester brings a personal touch by inviting three of his students and teaching assistants from his product photography class at Art Center College of Design. The episode offers a rare glimpse into the educational journey and aspirations of budding photographers within the commercial and creative fields. Alejandra, Sion, and Timothy share their experiences, backgrounds, and what drives their passion for photography. From Sion's transition from street to product photography, Alejandra's use of photography as a healing tool, to Timothy's exploration of film, each story adds a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of image creation.

Key Takeaways

*Diverse Backgrounds Lead to Unique Perspectives: Students from different terms and specializations bring varied insights into the photography and creative process.
*Education Plays a Crucial Role: The structured learning and exposure to real-world photography techniques at Art Center highlight the importance of education in shaping creative professionals.
*Passion Drives Learning and Growth: Each student's journey underscores the significant role passion plays in pursuing and excelling in photography, whether it's through overcoming personal challenges or exploring new genres.
*The Importance of Practical Experience: Hands-on experience, whether through class projects or real-world applications, is invaluable for understanding and mastering photography techniques.
*Networking and Exposure are Key: Daniel's mentorship and the discussion around getting into the industry emphasize the importance of networking, building relationships, and continuously seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

About the host

Chief evangelist at Creative Force

Daniel Jester is an experienced creative production professional who has managed production teams, built and launched new studios, and produced large-scale projects. He's currently the Chief Evangelist at Creative Force but has a breadth of experience in a variety of studio environments - working in-house at brands like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Farfetch as well as commercial studios like CONVYR. Creative-minded, while able to effectively plan for and manage a complex project, he bridges the gap between spreadsheets and creative talent.