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A Studio Without Samples with Rob Cohen of Vizio Imaging

Chief evangelist at Creative Force


Back in episode 77 we talked to Rob Cohen of Vizio imaging about how his company came to be and how they leverage technology and automation to deliver quality product images to their customers. In this episode we catch up with Rob, who recently has moved his company to a completely 3D based workflow.

About the host

Chief evangelist at Creative Force

Daniel Jester is an experienced creative production professional who has managed production teams, built and launched new studios, and produced large-scale projects. He's currently the Chief Evangelist at Creative Force but has a breadth of experience in a variety of studio environments - working in-house at brands like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Farfetch as well as commercial studios like CONVYR. Creative-minded, while able to effectively plan for and manage a complex project, he bridges the gap between spreadsheets and creative talent.