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Clair Carter-Ginn

Clair Carter-Ginn wears many hats, she's a consultant, strategic advisor, community builder, and a leader with a focus on global creative, marketing and photo studio operations, and content creation.

Serial builder of creative + content businesses and teams that deliver results in productivity, efficiency, sales growth and profitability. Generates enthusiasm and empowers innovation to deliver maximum results via out-of-the-box problem solving and innate understanding of how to motivate people, organize and scale teams. Fashion + retail industry influencer and tastemaker who combines deep digital knowledge, advanced content + production strategy capabilities with an inspiring leadership style, guided by solid business strategic thinking and a natural entrepreneurial drive.

Clients: Louis Vuitton / LVMH / UnderArmour / REI / Michael Kors / Bulgari / Stella McCartney / Maurice's / Famous Footwear / JCPenney + More

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